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                       Belair Auto Parts

1921 Se 172nd Terrace, Silver springs, Florida 34488

PH: 1-352-236-6386         FAX:  1-352-236-6386

                   Belair Auto Parts is a one man business.  Understand that my competitors are all Million Businessess with between 20-50 people working to make you happy. I am one man doing what those 50 people do for you. So my point is, if you don't have the patience to allow me time to work on all my customers in

I enjoy helping my fellow American Classic Car Addicts but world wide I have had the privilege to help customers, turned friends, around the world. So far I have shipped parts to this list of countries around the world.

Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Kuwait, Dubai, the Cayman Islands, Taiwan, Indonesia and Zimbabwe


You can find Belair Auto Parts the 1st Sunday of every month at the Sumter Co. Fairground Swap Meet, Webster, FL  Spaces  K177 & K178

 Look at "Photo History" page for some pictures of my swap meet setup.


 To order a Catalog  used order Button Below

Belair Auto Parts will continue to offer free catalogs. Within the USA Catalogs will again be shipped free.   International order for Catalogs will continue to be $4.50.  When ordering a Catalog within the USA the order form will require a credit card number.  In that block just enter all zeros.

Please understand. When you receive you confirmation of your catalog order it will show shipping charges and even for the domestic catalog it will show a total charges. These figures are just the way the order form is set up and no matter what the figures are, The domestic catalog is free and the international catalog is $4.50

I hope to change that in the near future.




 A little about myself and Belair Auto Parts

     My name is Mike and I would like to thank you up front for choosing Belair Auto Parts as your source for Classic Chevy Parts. I am a Christian, believe in My Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ" and am proud of it. Also as a good Christian I believe is the rights of all people to practice whatever religion they are happy with, Muslim, Jew and Atheist alike. Please allow me to wish you the best in all your endeavors.

      I have 3 sons and 2 daughters. One son is in the Navy going for 20 yrs, one just got out of the Air Force after 4 yrs active and is now Air Force Reserve and my third son put 4yrs in the Army, 1.5 yrs  in Iraq as an Army Reservist and has now rejoined the active Army with plans of going for 20 yrs. He is now home safely from Korea. My 2 daughters are wonderful even without military service and personally I have served in Vietnam with combat action and have more than 16 years service in the      US Navy    "a Tin Can Sailor"

      I thought it was time for a family update for 2012.  My son Eddie has left the Navy with 13 years of service and has just started a civilian job working on a Navy Base working on Helicopters.  He has given me one grandson and has another child on the way. May God Bless.  My some Patrick after 4 years in the Air Force is now a civilian working for the Air Force basically doing the same work he did while active. He is also an active Air Force reservist and is about to give me another grand child.. My son Joey is still Active Duty Army with 13+ years and will be returning to Afghanistan in March 2012.  My Daughter Kim married a great guy who is Active Duty Army and has just returned for Iraq for the second time. And my daughter Chrissy is doing good and though she is sick with Lupis she is my oldest child and God looks after her.

      I specialize in 49-54 Chevy Passenger Car parts. Why? Primarily because my first car was a 53 Chevy Belair  "baby blue and white" and my second was a black 54 Chevy 210.  I also had a  57 Chevy 210 later turquoise and white 283 cu.in. and loved it. Much later I owned a 1949 Chevy Coupe and a 1950 Chevy Coupe. I must say I have always been intrigued by the green plaid convertible tops on the 1952 Chevy though.

     My standing policy is, if I don't carry the parts you need and am able to direct you to a competitor that does, I will gladly do that. I enjoy responding to customer questions and I have owned many vintage cars in my 61 years, which makes me no expert but a storehouse of trivial knowledge.  Some of those cars being as follows. a 58 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, 49 Mercury 50 Ford, 40 Ford Coupe, 64 Dodge. 65 Plymouth Sport Fury "383", 70 Barracuda "383" 4 speed, 66 Dodge Convertible 67 Firebird, 30 Model A Coupe, 66 Dodge Dart GT. "273" not to mention several motor cycles and my preteen years  building Modified Stock Cars for the "Roundy Round Track" at Danbury State Fairground, in Danbury, Ct. "gone now". In my previous business I restored a 57 Caddy, 50 Ford Pickup, 67 GTO, 47 Lincoln, "V12".

     Formerly  from Croton-on-Hudson NY. I drove my 40 Ford Coupe to 7 Street Rod Nationals and for 11+ years I was an active member of the "Westchester Street Rod Assoc." in Westchester Co, NY.

     So basically what I am saying is, don't hesitate to ask questions no matter what model car it is about. I  have been addicted to classic cars for 40+ years now and do this for fun.

What's your excuse? 


   Above is my friend John's beautiful roaster.  Please read more about him and his Restoration Shop on my Photo History Page.    









Now please allow me to state a few things for legal reasons.

Belair Auto Parts by Mike Bryk consistently tries to assist customers and the general public by offering information and selling parts. Belair Auto Parts in no way takes responsibility for the safety of its customers with reference to the use of that information or the use of those parts. That safety is solely the responsibility of the recipient.  Any manufacturing defects or engineering defects are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and in no way can be construed as negligence on the part of Belair Auto Parts.

Refund Policy

Belair Auto Parts reserves the right to offer either a full refund, a partial refund or credit for parts returned. 

Shipping Policy

Belair Auto Parts policy is to ship parts within 3 business days of receiving payment. Belair Auto Parts is not responsible for  carrier delays. If for unknown reasons a parts order is not received within a reasonable amount of time after shipping, Belair Auto Parts can furnish tracking numbers for those shipments to assist the customer. If a customer fails to notify Belair Auto Parts of non receipt of a shipment within 30 days  of the original shipping date in the USA , 60 days international, no credit or replacement will be considered by Belair Auto Parts.

Return Policy

No damaged parts will be accepted for refund after 30 days from original ship date of said parts.

Returned parts with no apparent defects will be charged a 20% restock fee, left up to the discretion of Belair Auto Parts. 

Returned parts must be accompanied by a RGA Number authorized and assigned by Belair Auto Parts unless otherwise stated by Belair Auto Parts. 

Belair Auto Parts makes every effort to sell quality parts to its customers. Every parts is inspected before shipment. If a part arrives damaged, with the package also damaged, the replacement cost will be the responsibility of the carrier. If a part arrives damaged and the packaging has no apparent damage them that part will be replace at the discretion of Belair Auto Parts.

No parts will be accepted for a refund after 60 days.

Privacy Policy

When you place an order or contact Belair Auto Parts, the information you supply us, as in "CC #, name,, address, phone number, etc.", will be used only for administration tasks, as in processing an order.  Your private information will at no time be sold or transferred in any form to a third party for any reason. E-mail address and phone numbers,  will be kept on file to assist in contacting customers for future updates and or future sales. But again no e-mail address or any other personal information will be sold or transferred to any third parts for any reason. If for some reason you do not wish to receive future sale flyers and or new product flyers, please say so in the "COMMENTS" section of the order form.